What I learned after reading the New York Times article, “The Horror Before the Beheadings”

I don’t even know how to begin this article so I’ll just get to the point.

Many of the hostages converted to Islam as mentioned in the article.

“Former hostages said that a majority of the Western prisoners had converted during their difficult captivity. Among them was Mr. Kassig, who adopted the name Abdul-Rahman, according to his family, who learned of his conversion in a letter smuggled out of the prison.”

In their captivity, they converted to the religion of their captors. Some “voluntarily” and some under duress. Although, I would argue that whatever a hostage accepts from their captors would automatically qualify as duress. Anything a captive must accept is only a tool or means to survive, even if the captive believes they accepted it “voluntarily”.

Ultimately, ISIS chose something else over their “claims” of religion and “hatred” for other countries.

“After months of holding them without making any demands, the jihadists suddenly devised a plan to ransom them. Starting last November, each prisoner was told to hand over the email address of a relative. Mr. Foley gave the address of his younger brother.”

Did you read that? Ransom. Guess what thing is known to have people set aside their hate and religion?

“Soon, the prisoners realized that their kidnappers had identified which nations were most likely to pay ransoms, said a former hostage, one of five who spoke about their imprisonment in the Islamic State’s network of jails on the condition that their names be withheld.”

“The kidnappers knew which countries would be the most amenable to their demands, and they created an order based on the ease with which they thought they could negotiate,” one said. “They started with the Spanish.”

Now here comes the bullshit.

“With time, the 23 prisoners were divided into two groups. The three American men and the three British hostages were singled out for the worst abuse, both because of the militants’ grievances against their countries and because their governments would not negotiate, according to several people with intimate knowledge of the events.”

They spared the worst abuse to those who could not bring them money. You read that right. Can you imagine the gall?

“It’s part of the DNA of this group to hate America,” one said. “But they also realized that the United States and Britain were the least likely to pay.”

The article continues with what we already know, more torture, more violence, more cruelty. We know the end for the American and British captives. They were beheaded, killed like animals on video. The video plastered all over the internet for eyes to see. My eyes have never seen an ISIS video, and I plan to keep it that way. Lord take me first before my eyes lay on such atrocities.

When I hear people talk about the “evils of Islam”, or all that other “I do not understand something, therefore, I will just speak blindly and talk shit”, I dismiss it. It is too easy to lump people together especially when you don’t understand something as frightening as a group of people who seem to enjoy violence and death endlessly. Therefore, I admit I will be first to say; I do not understand ISIS, not in the least bit. It’s not logical to me.

However, this article made it clear to me. It is about money because money equates power.

Torturing their captive weren’t enough for them. Taunting their family wasn’t enough. Beating them, and starving them wasn’t enough. Their religion wasn’t enough. But you know what was enough for them? Money. So they can continue to feed their endless appetite for blood and power.

It is about money to keep buying the tools they need to keep inflicting the fear and horror on everyone around them and keep a perverted sense of power on this planet.

The kicker for me is they claim to hate us so much but want OUR money to inflict horror on us. It’s like if a murderer went on Kickstarter, begging money to pay for the storage house to house his victims. The sheer audacity, I just can’t.

How are you going to force your captive to convert to your religion, only to kill them because they can’t bring you profit? My brain can’t wrap around it.

Take a look at the article and tell me what you think because those animals are confusing me.




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